Cover letter

A cover letter is an important application document. It is, however, more difficult to create than a CV. Moreover, every cover letter should be different and unique. Not only should it match the position for which we apply, but it should also fit the job specificity and company type. In the cover letter you can include some important (and relevant) information that are not present in your CV.

Remember that a cover letter should answer the following questions: Why are you applying for a given position in the chosen company? What makes you think that you are a perfect candidate for this position?

Cover letter structure

The structure of a cover letter should fit the principles of a formal document. It is important to include the city and a date, sender i.e. your personal details along with the address, and receiver i.e. the name of the recruiter along with the company name and address.

A cover letter should:

  • Focus on the needs of the employer i.e. our skills, experience or personality traits that are useful on the job position for which we apply;
  • Have an introductory paragraph, body and concluding paragraph;
  • Use the proper salutations (e.g. Dear Sir) and closings (e.g. Yours faithfully);
  • Specify the source from which you find out about the job offer;
  • Include the position for which we apply;
  • Present you as a person who would be useful for the company;
  • Show that your skills are educational background are relevant for the job offered;

Errors in cover letters

  • Copying a cover letter from the Internet;
  • Sending the same cover letter to many employers and for different job positions;
  • Lack of facts and relevant information;
  • Repeating the content already included in a CV;
  • Stylistic and linguistic errors;
  • Spelling mistakes;
  • Including information related to personal life such as family problems, health problems or financial problems;

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